luni, 31 decembrie 2012

2013-Keep walking

I don't know about you boys and girls but i have great plans for 2013,i want this to be my year!Best wishes!:*

                            La multi ani!Un an nou foarte fericit!

                                         Happy new year!

vineri, 21 decembrie 2012

Wedge sneakers-before the snow:)

Hello there:)
This outfit is,obviously,before the snow coming:)) I have to say that i really adore my wedge sneakers from ZARA.
I wish I had time to talk to you guys more but .. no time.
  Oh and..i know i have a little puppy paw on my leggings:)

                           ZARA TRF jacket and sneakers,H&M shirt,no name scarf and leggings.


marți, 4 decembrie 2012

I'd like to be in Charlie's shoes

Hey,hey long time no see..

This is a quick post because i must go..hope you're all doing great,take care my friends:*
Oh and by the way..i was getting tired of this black shoes and i solve that with a little gold nail polish:D
And it's kinda 2in1 outfit because of the coat:) The coat was for the day time:D

Postez rapid pentru ca trebuie sa plec..sper sa fiti ok,aveti grija de voi prieteni:*
Si tot fac parte din outfitul de cam saturasem de pantofii astia negri si am rezolvat asta cu putina oja aurie:D Si sunt cam 2 tinute intr-una datorita paltonului..dar el a fost doar pe timpul zilei..apoi m-am schimbat:)

No name shirt,Koton trousers,Motivi shoes,Zara TRF jacket,no name scarf and H&M coat


duminică, 28 octombrie 2012

Halloween makeup-Sugar skull

What can Sugar do for Halloween?Of course..a Sugar skull makeup:) Hope you like my version.

Products used for this makeup:
NYX white base
L'oreal foundation
ELF and Essence black gel eyeliner
ADA black and red pencil eyeliner
Kallos black eyeliner
MAC paintpot in Painterly(mix with red eyeshadow) 
ADA brown and black pencil eyeliner and Rimmel lipstick in Balistic for lips

So..this is it:D let me know what you think about my first attempt for a fantasy(nightmare in this case:D)makeup!

Dark kisses from Sugar:D!